How To Make The Most Out Of Your Profile

To get the most out of QuirkChat, it is important to fill out your profile. Outside of your quips, this is a way for other community members to get to know you. This is also what we use to help you find the right content and people for your community.

Here are some important tips to help you get the most out of your QuirkChat profile:

Change your username

Instead of keeping the generated username from sign up, make sure to choose a username in line with how you want to be represented online.

Add to your About Me

“Hi I’m Levi. I like long, moody walks around the Island, people who tell me I’m tall and being the knight in shining armor for (almost) everyone in the Survey Corps”

Add Interests

We have over 30 interests to choose from! This helps us recommend relevant content and helps others find you based on similar interests.

Enable Your Location

Giving QuirkChat access to your location helps you find other members who live close by... that is, if you are up for building a local #QuirkSquad of amazing geeky people.

Hide Quips instead of deleting them

In the quips section when editing your profile, click “Change”, select the quips that you want to hide and then click the “Hide” eye button in the button right corner.

If you are a brand, hide your birthday

Simply toggle the “Hide age on profile” button

Add your links

You can add most of your social media links, as well as your personal website