Quips 101: The Formula For The Perfect Quip

Quips are video threads that start conversations for the community. Most people use quips to talk about anime theory, ask for opinions or to create multistep tutorials.


Wanna be a QuipStar 👩🏻‍🎤🧑🏾‍🎤? Here are some tips to making your best quips yet!

Ask open ended questions

Just like offline, if you ask someone a yes or no question, it is going to be a short conversation. Ask questions that evoke passionate responses or contemplation...we like those.

Put the topic or question in the description

Most people are scrolling through to see which quips they want to respond to. Let people know what you are talking about before they click on your quip.

Use hashtags and appropriate categories

We have a lot of +Categories on QuirkChat! Make sure that the right people are finding your content. Also, add 1-2 hashtags to help the search engine.

Quip about trending topics

Did a new episode of that Netflix show that everyone is talking about come out? Quip about it! Also, check out the Trending Conversations section on the Wander page.

Don’t use watermarked videos

For the best optimization, create quips either natively through the app or download directly from your camera roll.

Requip more often!

The purpose of QuirkChat is to have conversations. You don’t have to always be the one to start it! Instead of starting from scratch each time, respond to other quips and make sure to restate the question in your new description (ex- Re: What anime are you watching?)

Requipping others tends to also make them more likely to respond to your quips (and hey, you might get a new friend out of it!)