Host Video AMAs with Quips

Host Video AMAs with Quips

AMAs or Ask-Me-Anythings allow your community to learn more about you as a human or to learn more about what you do for a living.


Creating an AMAQuip is easy

  1. Download QuirkChat and create a profile (you already knew that!)
  2. Click the [+] icon to create a quip
  3. Record a video of up to 60 seconds letting your community know what topics they should ask you questions about.
  4. In your description, it is best to lead with the hastag #AMA or your personal AMA tag (ex- #QuirkTeamAMA) so that other users can find it easily
  5. Click the 3 dot menu, and click share to copy the link for your AMA
  6. Post the link wherever your community is!

Your community will be able to easily respond to your AMAquip and you will get notified when you have new video responses through the app.

To respond, click the “Respond” button and record your quip.